Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The 100 Day Hustle

Earlier this week I decided to make a list of all of the projects that I either need to, or want to, finish before the end of they year.  It's long.  Really long.  And that made it a bit intimidating.  I like to make lists as much as the next gal but the best part is crossing things off!  How am I going to get all these things done?!

I kept looking at it and thinking about all of the projects and how I should attack my list.  Then it hit me!  Working through a list is always more fun when you have friends going through the same thing.  Misery loves company!  We need a work-along group...

Welcome to The 100 Day Hustle!

Kelsey Sews

Did you know that this Saturday, the 22nd, the first day of fall, marks that there are only 100 days remaining in 2012?  Yep, only 100!  Where did this year go?!  Let's take those last 100 days and finish the year with a bang!  Let's hustle through our to-do lists and start the new year with a clean slate!

Would you like to join in and work-along?  Please do!  Your list can be long or your list can be short.  You don't have to finish everything - heck your goal can just be to start some projects!  Let's commiserate collaborate together and enjoy the rest of the year.

Here are the details:

September 22 - 25 - Join In Link- Up Open
  • Please create a post on your blog about your to-do list!  No project is too big or too small!  I'll post mine on the 21st as a bit of an example if you're having trouble - but there is no wrong way to do this.  Then come back here and link-up your post!  In order to be eligible for prizes (oh yes there are prizes) you must have a link in the Join in link-up.
November 9 - 11 - Half Way Point Link-up Open
  • November 11th marks 50 days down and 50 more to go!  If you want, create a post sharing your progress and link-up here!  All of the half way link-ups will get tossed in a hat and I'll choose two people for prizes!
December 28 - 31 - Final Report Link-up Open
  • Write a post and share what you accomplished.  Only finished one thing?  Share it!  Karate chopped that to-do list and finished everything?  Share it!  Then come back and link-up your post here.   
 January 1 or 2 -  Winners Announced!!
  • You don't need to finish your list to win - just participate!  All of the people who post in both the Join-In link-up and the Final Report link-up will be entered to win.  I'll randomly pick the prize winners from those participants and will post them here.
I hope that you'll consider joining me for this adventure!  Grab that button above, add it to your blog and get working on that list!  There will also be a Flickr group so we can share throughout the 100 days not just at the end, as well as ask for help, share tips and get to know everyone!
I'd also like to add some blog features to the schedule.  If you have a project that is going to be on your to-do list and you would like to write a post specifically about it in any form and be featured sometime during the 100 days please let me know!


  1. This sounds like fun! However, your button is broken. :(

  2. This does sound like a great way to complete some wips/pigs and start some new goodies too.
    Do you have a code to go along with your button?

  3. I love lists. So I will join you! Will be interesting to see how it goes...

  4. this is super smart! im going to join in and hopefully get some stuff done! ;)

  5. I too am a list maker. I don't know whether a comprehensive list all at once will liberate me or kill me! Guess we will soon see! Great idea. Cheers, Karen

  6. Gracious providence! 100 days? I better get cracking!

  7. Such a great idea, Kelsey, especially with Christmas coming up. I'd love to join in as well as write up a feature -- just let me know when!

  8. I love this! I tried something similar at the end of last year to knock out some languishing projects. It would be great to have some support. :)

  9. This is a great idea, I'm in! I have so many unfinished & not-yet-started projects in my sewing room right now, this will definitely help me get organized!

  10. Great idea, Kelsey! I have a few things that need to be done in January so I'll definitely join you in The Hustle!

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this. Maybe just maybe, my long to do list may get completed. I am totally in!

  12. Great idea! Especially for this time of year! Although I think I could use it all year 'round. Easier to accomplish thing when on a list and especially when prizes are involved :)


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