Thursday, September 6, 2012

I Need a New Project...

...Like I need a hole in my head!  So what did I do?  Decided to start (another) new project!!

First let me explain something.  Once I get an idea in my head it isn't humanly possible for me to get it out of there.  Occasionally I may let it fall to wayside - or I come to my senses in some cases - but it's usually there to stay. 

So a few weeks ago on Instagram Lindsey posted pictures of a leaf quilt she made - it.was.awesome!  Once I laid eyes on it I just knew that I had to make one.  I went through the usual rundown - I have too many other projects, what about all the other quilts I have started, I'd need to buy all the fabric for it but it'd be so pretty, I LOVE Fall so I must have a Fall quilt and I really need more Fall decorations.

Tuesday morning rolls around and I just couldn't shake the idea.  I did some quick calculations and then proceeded to buy all the fabric I'd need!  I just couldn't help myself!!! 

Here is what I ordered along with some cream for the background.  I am also planning to add another gold/yellow from my stash.

These three are from The Intrepid Thread.  The first two Lizzy House prints are for blocks and a scrappy binding of the two.

The next four are from Sew Lux.  All four are for blocks.

The last batch is from Connecting Threads.  All are for blocks except for the leaf print which is going to be my border.

I'm going to be using this tutorial for a Maple Leaf Block.

I'm going to do 6 rows of 6 blocks but one of the blocks from each row is going to be solid cream.  Then when I quilt it I'm planning to use orange thread and quilt a leaf onto each blank block - fancy right?!  With that layout plus a three inch finished border I should end up with a nice, snugly 75inch square quilt!

All of this sounds so great right?  There's a catch.  I HAVE to finish the following before I can start - hold me to it!
  1. August & September do.Good Stitches blocks
  2. September Stash Bee blocks
  3. Finish my Friendship Quilts Blog Hop Project
  4. Make my Polka Dot Block
 I'm going to share with Diane's from blank pages link-up - have you started planning any new projects?!

PS - I gave the blog a bit of a face lift and made it a Facebook page


  1. ha! august and september for me too! ;) xo

  2. CUTE fabrics! That is going to be an awesome quilt! I am the same with with starting new projects. I get an idea and I can't help myself! :) Thanks for linking up!! :) p.s. I liked you twice on facebook - me and through my blog page. :D I like the new blog look too.

  3. I love the fall colors and prints! I have a Halloween quilt that I really want to start, but a list of projects I really need to make about the length of my arm. ;)

  4. Ooh love those fabric choices for your Leaf quilt - that's going to be fabulous!

    Right so go get stuck into those Bee blocks so you can start the Leaf quilt! You know we're all keen to see it!! ;)


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