Friday, January 27, 2012

Winter Stitching List - Update!

Oh ambition- how you get the best of me sometimes!  Back in October (and I couldn't believe that when I just checked - really it's been that long!) I made my Big Winter Stitching List as part of the Winter Stitching link-up over at Fairy Face Designs.  Well now it's time for the mid-winter check in! 

I've completed some, decided not to do others, and still have some left to keep me busy the rest of the winter.  Here we go:

  • Make Cross Terrain (from Moda Bake Shop) in Ruby - Hasn't happened and don't think it will so it's crossed off the list.  I'm making my Swoon in Ruby and Bliss so we'll call it a fair trade :)
  • Finish the Jellybean (Thimble Blossoms Pattern) for my mother-in-law - DONE!  It was a Christmas gift, she cried, loved it and it lives happily on her couch now.  I will blog about this soon.
  • Make clutches for my 3 sister-in-laws for Christmas - Didn't happen and isn't going to.  Just wasn't enough time so I went and bought them thoughtful gifts that they loved instead.  So it's off the list but I do want to make one for myself sometime....
  • Finish the Subversive Cross Stitch - DONE!  Was a Christmas gift to the hub's aunt and she loved it!  It's hanging in her craft room.
  • Finish the Christmas wall hanging - DONE!  Blogged here.  Finished it with plenty of time to spare.  Hanging it for Christmas was a problem itself so it got nicely draped over a built-in in the Family Room.

  • Make a Sewing Kit for my mom - DONE! Kind of...I actually made her a pin cushion organizer thread catcher, blogged here, since I realized she would love that much more.  I gave it to her for Christmas (along with a trip to the International Quilt Festival in April!!!) and she loved it!
  • Pick fabrics and make at least 4 Swoon Blocks - Well, the fabric picking is done.  It's going to be in Ruby & Bliss.  And I have 2 blocks done.  Progress people!

  • Take a knitting class and make a chevron afghan - Eh hasn't happened.  I'm going to take it off of the list since I've taken a liking to cross stitch again so I'm not looking for another hand work/in front of the TV project anymore.
  • Learn Embroidery - Well when I made the Gnome Ornament for the ornament swap I taught myself a few stitches but I'd still like to learn more so I'll leave it on the list as 50% complete.
  • Start & Finish my Rectangle Block Quilt - I started it and have the top done!  Just need to pick a backing and then go quilt it.
  • Finish the stocking for Stockings for Kids - DONE! I finished mine, blogged, and had a great time making it.  There were over 200 stockings sent in for foster kids!!

  • Make a wall hanging for the dining room - Have some ideas and some different fabrics but haven't started putting anything together yet.
  • Make potholders - Nope.  Haven't made any!  But it needs to stay on the list since my friend bought me fabric months ago to make her one and I need to get it done!

Ok, so that's 5 finishes, 3 cancelled and 5 left to work on.  Not too bad!!

I do need to add a few new ones though:

  • At least buy the fabrics (Hometown by Moda) and pick a pattern for a wedding gift quilt I'm making since I'll need it to be done sometime in the next few months
  • Keep up with/finish the Sew.Happy.Quilt. QAL over at Sew Happy Geek.  I already have the first 5 blocks done and need to do number 6 this weekend

How are you doing with your WIP lists?



  1. Wow...what a list!! and you have made progress, so that's good :o) I haven't actually sat down and listing everything...I'm scared of what I will find! I love your Christmas wall hanging, perfect!

  2. Great work on your list! You just have a few more to go. I used to write list but then I felt really pressured. So I'm just going with the flow now.

  3. You have made great progress on your list! Good luck on the rest ;)


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