Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Weekend Sewing!

Monday again- Why do the weekends go by so fast?!  I had a busy one full of sewing though so it was very enjoyable. 

First up was completing this week's block for the Sew.Happy.Quilt. QAL.  This week was the Fireflies Block which was really fun to make and came together pretty quickly!  This is one I could definitely see being enlarged and then made into some couch pillows.

Sew.Happy.Quilt. QAL - Block #5 - Fireflies Block

Then I decided that I just didn't have enough projects going on already and decided to join the Made in Cherry QAL over at Pins and Bobbins.  I've been stashing 1930s fabrics for a while now and have been waiting for the perfect pattern.  I knew I wanted something with a star/s so this is perfect!!  I spent a chunk of time going through my fabrics and then cutting all of the squares (200!) and laying them out in our basement (the only place with enough floor space!).  Once I had them all laid out I realized how much I didn't want to stack them all up while keeping them in order and take them upstairs to sew I just lugged my machine and ironing board downstairs and spent some quality time in the basement.  I got 7 of the 8 points sewn up and I'm hoping to finish the rest tonight!  I'm using Kona Khaki as the solid and am going to add some borders of that so it's a full/queen size and then it can go on the bed in our spare bedroom.  You can check out the Flickr group to see everyone else's progress!

Oh our delightful unfinished 1920s basement

On a little side tangent: Does anyone have their sewing space in an unfinished basement?  Ours is not very "nice" since our house was built in the 1920s but it is the warmest place in the winter (since the boiler is down there) and the coolest in the summer (we don't have AC) and I would have TONS more room if I moved my sewing set-up down there.  I mean TONS, right now I share a small 8x8ish room with the hub's office space and it is cramped! After working down there a bit this weekend I've been considering moving down there but it's just rather well....unfinished, so I'm hesitant. Does anyone work in their basement and have tips for making it a bit nicer and inspiring?  We have some rugs down there and there is good ceiling lighting (nothing fancy) but no natural light, cement walls and cement floors. 


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  1. your block is very beautiful, I love the use of color you used.

  2. Firefly block is lovely. And what a nice big star!!!

  3. The firefly block turned out beautifully! I think working in the basement is a great idea - since you won't have natural light you could always get a light box in there - that would give you all the benefits of the sun - including vitamin D and provide some awesome lighting to work by.

  4. I would worry about dampness and fabric storage - mold stains and also is unhealthy and dangerous - a dehumidfier should fix that though. Then for decoration, just line the walls with design walls and stick some quilts in progress on them!


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