Wednesday, October 26, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I didn't get much done this week!  We've been busy around the house and raking loads of leaves, but I have made some progress.

Finished- Gah! None this week but I'm so close on so many!

In- Progress-

  • Coming Home- Seriously- It's just laziness at this point!  I just have to sew the binding on the back.  I'm going to do it by machine since it's just a wall hanging so it shouldn't take long at all.  I have to finish it this week!

  • Jellybean- Still nothing; but I am planning on cutting the rest of the strips and the white squares tonight

  • Subversive Cross Stitch- All the snowflakes are done and so is one of the three words.  Should definitely be able to finish it up this week too

  • Stockings for Kids- Almost done and I'm so excited about this project!  It's for such a good cause (if you haven't checked it out you should, and consider making a stocking too!) and I'd never made a stocking before so it was fun to make something new.  I just need to do the lining/cuff using this tutorial so this should be wrapped up soon too. 

Now I even have it sewn together with the back - almost done!

New Projects

  • Sewing Room Organization- My sewing room is a disaster!! So although not an actual sewing project, cleaning it up and organizing all my things is a new project!  I got a new bookshelf built on Monday night but now I actually have to organize everything and put it on there.  I took some before pictures and I'll be sure to share some afters once I'm done.

  • Patterns!-  Not necessarily a new project but Fat Quarter Shop is having a big pattern sale so I added a bunch to my collection! 

In case you can't see which ones they are I got the following:

Finished ~ 0
In- Progress ~ 4
New ~ 1ish

I'm linking up at Freshly Pieced today- be sure to check out the other WIP Lists too! 



  1. What a fantastic stocking!! And oh, those patterns! Lots of fun in store for you!!

  2. Ooh...pattern I don't have enough projects to last till I your stocking. Enjoyed my visit.


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