Thursday, April 5, 2012

Inspiring - Spring

I just love Spring!  The colors are so inspiring - Greens (my all-time favorite), Aquas and Sunshiny Yellows.  Here's a little mosaic I made this morning of some great finds on Flickr that remind me of Spring.  I'm using this color palette for the 4x5 Modern Quilt Bee and some other projects as well - I just can't get enough of it!!

Spring Mosaic

1. washed and folded, 2. thrifted, 3. dresdan2, 4. Sneaky peek, 5. Around the Blocks - Square Themed for Sheridan, 6. PTS UPDATE, 7. If it's a boy quilt - front, 8. International Stashbusting Bee--June, 9. Sunshine Squares, 10. Katie's Blocks, 11. dqs9, 12. 3 x 6 Bee, 13. Filmstrip quilt, 14. The Beehive - Spiral Cabin for Karlyn, 15. Closeup of the deconstructed 9-patch, 16. Step into My Parlour, 17. Dandelions by Sarah Fielke, 18. Green Spinning Stars, 19. Amy's Spiderweb - 192:365, 20. lonely starburst, 21. Kaleidoscope Baby Quilt, 22. Snow Gnome Pillow, 23. DQS11 Quilt Finished!, 24. Swoon Quilt top, 25. Spiderweb baby quilt, 26. PTS4, 27. Quilting Divas, 28. Ocean Waves Front, 29. dqs9, 30. Around the Blocks - Square Themed for Sheridan, 31. 3x6 Round 2 - Green, Blue and hints of Red or Pink, 32. ~ workinprogress, 33. network 1, 34. DWR Hand Quilting Detail, 35. Closeup of the deconstructed 9-patch, 36. ~ green ~

What colors are inspiring to you this time of year?


  1. I am also fond of these colors. limes, yellows, light ivories, and maybe a tiny splash of pale pink altogether are my kitchen colors, inspired by a vintage/antique teapot i have. that feels springy to me!

  2. wow! this is amazing! so many great makes... so much i love!

  3. that is such an inspiring mosaic! thanks for making it :)

  4. Lovely colors! I think I need to add more yellow to my stash.


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