Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sherbet - A Quilty Finish

This quilt is finally finished!!  Oh this quilt - I'm so happy to have it done.  I (crazy person) was a bit overambitious in choosing a pattern with rectangular blocks made up of two sizes of triangles to be the second quilt top I made.  Yep, second.  I've had the top for this quilt done for that long!  It was really challenging for me to piece so I was ready for a break once it was done.  Apparently a very long break!  Then I added it to my finish-a-long list and decided to get it done this weekend.


I did get it done but not without more headaches!  Seriously though, I quilted the ribbon my scissor snips are on into the back.  Then my thread kept breaking, then there were puckers, then I didn't have enough of the planned fabric for the binding and a host of other things.  But, it was totally worth it because now that it's done I LOVE it!

The pattern is Not All Quilt Blocks are Square.  I made the extra large lap size.  All of the fabrics on the front are from the Jenean Morrison Wild World line.

I'm not sure what the binding print is, just something I had in my stash.  The backing is a soft buttery yellow.  This quilt was quilting with all over loops; a design that has quickly become my favorite!

It's already made it's home on the couch - now if the temperature would drop below 90 I could actually use it!

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Hope you're having a great day!

This turns out to be the only project from my Finish - A - Long list that got finished! I love it dearly and have been snuggling up with it on the couch at night.  Linking up at the Post-Third Quarter Link Party.


  1. great quilt and great choice of fabric! the binding fabric is also in my stash and I think it's out of the collection sunkissed by sweetwater for moda.

  2. Beautiful quilt. I love the subtle colour scheme.

  3. Oh wow! Very lovely!! I really like this fabric.

  4. It is lovely! Very impressive for your second quilt - I didn't conquer triangles that early on :)

  5. It is so pretty, Kelsey! And YAY for long-awaited finishes!!

  6. oohh kelsey, it is so beautiful! i love the fabric so much! i love jenean morrison! your quilting is really great also! xo

  7. Oh my gosh, story of my life! I finished a quilt recently that had been sitting on my shelf for a year because I had grown to really hate it over the course of piecing it. Then I finally decided to quilt it and I fell in love with it again!
    Yours is gorgeous! I'm glad you decided to make the finish. :)

  8. wow! It's gorgeous! Love that fabric line - beautiful colours and prints. Great job on the quilting too =)

  9. WOW! I LOVE it too! It's GORGEOUS!


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