Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I've been busy sewing and clearly not blogging!  Since I missed last week's WIP post this will cover the past two weeks:


  • Subversive Cross-Stitch-  I wrapped this up and just need to give it a good pressing and buy a cute frame to put it in.  I've decided not to post a picture since I'd like to keep things friendly here; but if you'd really like to see it just email me and I'll send over some pictures.

  • Crochet Infinity Scarf- Well this counts as a new project and a finish!  I whipped this up one night watching TV and it came together really quickly.  I am, however, going to make a new one, because I hadn't crocheted in a long time and I'm not 100% happy with the results (and the size/it's a bit too big on me).  But this one will be great to have around for shoveling the driveway and playing in the snow!  I used this pattern, if you're interested.

In Progress-

  • Jellybean- Oh the nightmare that is this quilt!  I finally got the top almost done after some seam issues which meant I got to go back and trim every single block to be the right size.  I still need to get some fabric for the border/backing/binding.  I'm going to do a white inner border and then a solid (or very subtle) outer border since it's such a busy quilt already.

  • Swoonerific Wall Hanging-  Nothing yet.  I need to add the white border, and I bought the backing/binding fabrics last week.  I also bought some embroidery floss since I've decided to try out hand quilting on the top. 


  • Rectangle Block- I mentioned this quilt back in October and I finally got to work on it.  I cut out all the triangles and have half of them sewn back together already.  Hopefully I'll have a top to show soon!

  • Pincushion Organizer-  I just got some Kate Spain Terrain in the mail yesterday (From Sew Lux Fabrics- super fast shipping!) and I'm using it whip up one of these for my mom for Christmas.  I had mentioned in my Winter Stitching list that I was going to make her a sewing kit; but then we went to some quilt shop and she kept talking about these, so now I'm making her one of them instead! 

  • Charmed Prints Quilt-a-Long- I really need to get started!  I have a bunch of charm packs, I just need to pick one to use, get some neutral fabric and get going.  A must do this week so that I don't fall behind (more than I already am!)  Check out the link to see if you may want to join in too :)

  • Long Arm Quilting-  Not a new project, but a new tool at my disposal!  My mom and I took an introductory long arm class at a local quilt shop last night, and now I can pay per hour to be able to go in and use the machine to quilt!!! I'm so excited!  The class was great, we quilted a whole charity quilt as practice during the class.  I can't wait to get a top done so I can go in and use it on my own quilt.

In Progress- 2
New- 3

I'm linking up at Freshly Pieced today- be sure to stop over there to check out what everyone else is working on this week!



  1. Thank you for linking to that pincushion organizer! I am definitely going to make one for my Mom as well.

  2. Gasp! A long arm class? That's so rad. I'm gonna have to look into that myself. Looks like you're still crazy busy girl! Keep up the good work :-)

  3. I knitted scarfs now I wish I new how to make one. Your infinity scarf is very cool, I would make so many if I sat down and learned how but I can't seen to find time! You have lots of projects going on that sound like a lot of fun!


    PS: Silk Scarf giveaway on my blog, please pass by to enter!


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