Friday, November 4, 2011

Coming Home for Christmas!

Ah the joy of finishing your second quilt.  I learned so much from this that you should use pins when you piece things together  :) 

I got the pattern, Coming Home, from Camille's book, Simplify.  It is listed as a table topper in the book, but at 36" x 36", I've deemed it a perfect wall hanging for our dining room.  I decided to use a mix of Christmas fabrics (all from Joann's) for the main part and I used a dark green with gold snowflakes for the border and the backing.  I pieced it opposite of the book so mine looks like Os instead of Xs. 

Coming Home for Christmas

The pattern was great, very easy to follow, and quick to put together.  I straight-line quilted it diagonally in both directions and did machine binding (solid green).  It washed up so nice and I can't wait to get it hung up for the holidays.  **Side note- does anyone have a favorite way to hang wall-hanging quilts?**

Coming Home for Christmas Stats:

Fabric- Christmas mix from Joann's 

Pattern- Coming Home from Simplify by Camille Roskelly

Finished Size- 36" x 36"

Did you finish any projects this week?


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