Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Baseball Quilt

Months and months ago a friend asked if I would mind making a quilt for a raffle she was putting together for her son's baseball team.  They were raising money for a tip to Cooperstown.  I agreed and figured I would just make whatever I felt like when the time came.  Then she asked that it be baseball themed....hmm. 

I decided that I would use some baseball fabric mixed with other non-baseball prints so that it would be baseball without being too baseball - makes sense right?  I found a baseball print at Joann's as the focal point and then picked some coordinating blues and reds from my LQS. 

The Big Star Quilt tutorial from Missouri Star came through again.  I cannot recommend it enough!  This is my second time making a quilt from it and my mom is on her second quilt from it as well.  It whips up SO fast.  In the video she uses 10" squares.  I used 8" squares which I trimmed into 5" half-square triangles.  Each star block is 18.5" unfinished.

A little bit of loopy quilting and a striped binding (love!) and it was off to the raffle where my friend's mom won it!


  1. Oh it's gorgeous - I reckon you got the brief just right :-)

  2. Great job. The quilt is baseball themed without going over the top. Any lover of baseball or Old Glory will love it.

  3. I love it! Can't show this one to my fiance because he'll want one too!

  4. This looks so vintage 4th of July and I love it.

  5. I didn't even notice there were baseballs there until you pointed it out. And the colors are perfect for the theme! Great finish:)

  6. I love the colors on this quilt and that its baseball without being too baseball.

    I am going to check this pattern out.

  7. Love your baseball quilt!
    Now I got to check out the big star tutorial.
    It looks like such a versatile pattern.
    Thanks for sharing!


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