Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday 12-5-12

How is it Wednesday again?!?!  This time of year goes by so fast - slow down please!  Although I've been checking more things off of my to-do list which is a great feeling!

The big finish for the week is two baby quilts that are getting mailed out to two lovely families.  I'll post the pictures once I know they've reached their new homes but I'm smitten with both of them!

We also went out for my favorite tradition of the holiday season - cutting down our Christmas tree!  I have only three requirements when it comes to the tree.  1) It must be real 2) It must be a Blue Spruce 3) It must be gigantically round - Think Christmas ball.  This year's tree meets all the requirements :)

Christmas Tree!

I also put together a little holiday swap amongst my do.Good stitches circle.  For my partner I made a pincushion and a little needlebook!

Needlebook & Pincushion for my partner!

For the pincushion I made a small Ohio Star block from some Chicopee.

Pincushion for Heal @ do.Good Stitches Swap

For the needlebook I used this tutorial from nanaCompany.  The tutorial is very well written and it comes together in a snap!  I highly recommend making one for yourself - I know I'm going to!

Needlebook for Heal @ do.Good Stitches Swap

Needlebook Inside

I have one more big project, a Swoon Quilt, to finish before Christmas.  My overly ambitious (read totally crazy and not going to happen) goal is to finish the top this weekend - I have one block done and nothing else cut yet.  What are you working on this week?

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  1. That needlebook is darling! And your tree is epic. :)

  2. I Love the Tree.. I went smaller this yr and hate it.. How long did it take to do the popcorn?? LOL.. lovely stitching, needle books are on my must do for xmas, my daughter n laws need one, well so do I..

  3. Adore your tree, adore your pincushion, adore your needle book, and mostly, adore YOU!!

  4. The tree is beautiful! And so are the pincushions!

  5. Oooh, I love a Blue Spruce tree! My parents always insisted on a Blue Spruce, and they are so lovely!

    I love your pincushion and needlebook. Thanks for posting the tutorial link--I was hoping to make a few before the holidays! :)

  6. Beautiful tree! I think I am going to add that needlebook to my to-do list.

  7. i love everything about this! did i tell you my tree has fallen down twice! not awesome! i am with you on the huge tree! really hope i am your partner! love that needlebook! xo

  8. Wow, I wish I had the space to put up a tree this big !! It looks amazing !!
    And I love what you sent to your partner too :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by Freshly Pieced and for your nice comments. I had fun reading through your blog, too, and agree with you on the tree--I love the smell in the house from a fresh tree, too. It took us forever to get ours decorated, as we just finished it up this morning.

    Elizabeth E.

  10. that is one beautiful tree! I have never seen one that fat around here. cute projects, too.

  11. Lots of beautiful stuff in this post! I see that connecting threads is having a huge sale right now. So much temptation to buy all of it.

  12. Your tree is gorgeous!! Well, everything in this post is gorgeous but I'm particularly crushing on your tree! :)

  13. Kelsey, you sure know how to pick and decorate a tree. It's gorgeous!
    And what a lucky partner to get the needle book and pin cushion. Very cute!


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