Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Let's Help!

**First, I had a reminder for The 100 Day Hustle Link-Up last week and said that it would start today.  I should have re-read my original schedule first - the halfway point is on the 9th and the linky will go up that morning.  I'm so sorry!!  If you already posted or wrote your post no problem just remember to stop and link-up on Friday.  Thanks! **

Do you know Jennifer from Knotted-Thread?  She's a fellow blogger who has family & friends that live in New Jersey and were impacted by Hurricane Sandy.  She is working to put quilts together for those in need and is looking for block donations.  Please consider heading over to the Flickr group and signing up!  I signed up for a batch of each color.  They are very quick to put together and won't take much time or fabric and you'll feel great about helping others!


  1. Thanks for the reminder - I had forgotten about it! Do we do one post with all the finishes listed or do we link up each finish?

  2. I am so glad it is the 9th and not the 6th! Every little bit helps, right? :)

  3. Love the blocks. I certainly felt good stitching some of these up for others in need. I may even do some more before the month is done.

  4. i am doing really good on my list i want you to know! ;)xoxo


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