Friday, May 4, 2012

Share the Love

Back in February the lovely Taryn of Pixels to Patchwork passed the Liebster Award on to me.  I posted about it (good blogger) but then never added it to my sidebar (bad blogger). 

Since then some other lovely bloggers have passed the award on to me again and I really appreciate it.  I didn't want to skip posting about it and not give them the thankful credit they deserve. 

They all have wonderful blogs and you should go browse around!  A great many thanks to:
And, please go visit the great bloggers who I awarded the Liebster to back when I first received it:
Are there any blogs you love to follow?  I'm always looking for more to add to my reader :)

Not to completely change gears but I am still around and stitching :)  We've had some really beautiful weather this past week or so and we've been trying to get yard work done and my veggie garden planned out.  I'll be back soon with some quilty projects (and finishes!).

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. Congrats! Well done! You do have such a lovely blog!


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